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Xango Tango 2.2

Enjoy Xango Tango and solve every shooting action puzzle
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"Xango Tango" is a great game that will challenge you with different action puzzles. The main objective of this game is to shoot a box of a certain color and place it in the wall making matches of three or more identical boxes in order to get rid of them. You must clear the entire wall to complete your task and finish each level. This game brings a lot of entertainment, some levels of this game will give you a special difficulty as playing without light, for example. This game features a time challenge so you must complete your task before the time is up. Every time you finish a level, extra bonuses will fall from the wall and you must catch them. You can get electric bonus, bombs, upgrades, parts of your robot or lights among others.

Playing this game is very simple, all you need to use is your mouse: move your mouse to point the box you want to replace and press your left mouse button to shoot. Think and make a smart selection before you shoot, your next shot must have a possibility to make a group of three or more. If you don't have any other shooting possibilities, the game will be over.

Birgilio Rivera
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